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Review of the economic benefits of training and qualifications

The objective of this project was to update the evidence base on the economic returns to vocational qualifications in England by reviewing specific recently published BIS research papers. A review of the different types of approach used in the recent analyses was undertaken, which aimed to: assess the approaches used; interpret the findings in the context of the extensive past literature in this area; provide combined estimates of the benefits to individuals of undergoing a training course and gaining a vocational qualification; and so summarise what the recent research adds to the existing evidence base.

The project was led by Cambridge Econometrics, with IER contributing its expertise in education, skills and evaluation.

A copy of the report can be seen here.

Project Team:

Terence Hogarth - Principal Investigator
Lynn Gambin


Cambridge Econometrics

Project duration:

February - June 2012


Department for Business, Innovation and Skills