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The wider (non-market) benefits of post 18 education

The Department for Education (DfE) commissioned IER to carry out a literature review of the wider (non)market benefits of post-18 education. Following on from the Quadrants Report published by BIS in 2013, the literature review updated the evidence on the wider benefits of Higher Education and is intended to broaden the scope to include other forms of post-18 educations, such as Further Education and vocational education. The review is one of three IER are carrying out for DfE feeding into the recently announced review of post-18 education.

The research aims to identify what the benefits of different forms of post-18 education are for:

1. Civil engagement activities

2. Economic activity and productivity

3. Health and wellbeing outcomes

4. Benefiting local communities

5. Wider economic, social and cultural benefits to the UK

6. and (where possible) regional variations in the benefits of HE, FE and apprenticeships.

The review also aims to identify whether these benefits vary for different disadvantaged groups.

Project Team:

Wil Hunt - Principal Investigator

Gaby Atfield

Beate Baldauf

Daria Luchinskaya

Peter Dickinson

Alan Brown

Project duration:

April 2018 - July 2018

Project funder: