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Research to support local skills supply and demand interventions

IFF Research and the Institute for Employment Research (IER) at the University of Warwick have been commissioned by CITB to identify potential sources of workers for the construction industry in different areas of England. We are working with LEPs in several areas (including the North East, Liverpool, Greater Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, West Midlands, Derby and Nottingham, the West of England and Greater London) to identify priority occupations, look at existing sources of training, and identify the numbers and types of potential workers for these occupations. The first stage of the project will involve desk research and interviews with stakeholders within each area, to identify key economic issues and priorities. We will also be speaking with training providers, learners and employers to understand the main issues for construction in recruiting, retaining and training staff with the right skills.

In each area, CITB has identified priority occupations – ones where there is a high demand for people with the right skills, but also a high risk of supply problems (being able to recruit or get suitably trained people).

Project Team:

David Owen - Principal Investigator

Sally-Anne Barnes

Terence Hogarth, FGB

Project Duration:

April 2018 - October 2019

Project Funder: