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Evaluation of apprenticeships in Telefonica

IER undertook an evaluation of Telefonica’s apprenticeship programme, looking at three key areas of the business where they employ apprentices: Operations (Level 3); Customer service (mainly Level 2); and Retail (mainly Level 2). The study provided: an estimate of the total cost to the employer of providing apprenticeship training (a cost per apprentice successfully completing the apprenticeship and the overall cost given the number of participants); the estimated payback period over which the company recoups the investment; and a comparison, wherever possible, from the IER Net Costs and Benefits series of studies, of the average costs / benefits which accrue in other sectors relating to similar types of training. The study also catalogued the various qualitative benefits reported by those associated with the Telefonica apprenticeships.

Project team:

Lynn Gambin
Clare Lyonette
Terence Hogarth

Project Duration:

December 2011 - October 2012

Project Sponsor: