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Advanced and higher level apprenticeships study in Worcester

This study aims to accurately identify the barriers/challenges to the growth of Levels 3 and 4 Apprenticeships in Worcestershire and consider how to address them. The study will involve collecting data from local stakeholders and maximising the use of available data. Interviews will be undertaken with key stakeholders in Worcestershire to gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors which facilitate participation in Apprenticeships and the barriers which stand in the way of increased participation. This will be undertaken very much with a view to understanding how participation levels can be increased to the benefit of local employers, would-be apprentices/school-leavers, and the local economy generally. Data sets will be used which allow detailed data to be obtained about the trends in Apprenticeship participation in Worcestershire – by framework and by type of employer. Data will also be used to compare Worcestershire both nationally and with other counties/local economies which have the same characteristics as Worcestershire.

Principal Investigator:

Clare Lyonette

Project Team:
Lynn Gambin
Terence Hogarth
Faye Padfield

Project Duration:

January - April 2013

Project Sponsor:

Worcestershire County Council