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A new understanding of everyday cellular processes

We use cells to breathe, to moderate body temperature, to grow and many other every day processes, however the cells in these processes are so complex its left scientists perplexed into how they develop in different environments. Researchers from the University of Warwick say future research needs to look into the bioelectrical composition of cells for answers.

Blood and urine tests developed to indicate autism in children

New tests which can indicate autism in children have been developed by researchers at the University of Warwick.

‘Glue’ that makes plant cell walls strong could hold the key to wooden skyscrapers

Molecules 10,000 times narrower than the width of a human hair could hold the key to making possible wooden skyscrapers and more energy-efficient paper production, according to research led by a father and son team at the Universities of Warwick and Cambridge.

£13 million award backs world-class research supporting Midlands’ bioeconomy

Three of the Midlands’ leading universities have been awarded £13 Million for a “Doctoral Training Partnership” to provide research training to support the Midlands bioeconomy.

A hybrid-motor helps cells push their way through tissues

Research has uncovered how two cellular motors, previously thought to compete with each other, can actually work together to help cells squeezing through a crowded mass of cells.

Fri 08 Aug 2014, 10:43 | Tags: Systems Biology, research, cancer, Sciences