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West Midlands Academic Health Science Network - June Update

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Tue 21 Jun 2022, 09:01 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

UKRI: Future Leaders Fellowships: round 7

This scheme is for early career researchers and innovators who are either:

  • looking to establish or transition to independence
  • developing their own original and ambitious plans within a commercial setting.

We are offering funding to support ambitious research or innovation programmes across UKRI’s remit.

You must be based at, and have the support of, an eligible academic or non-academic institution.

There is no minimum or maximum award value.

Your project can last for up to four years, with the option to apply to renew for a further three years.

Thu 16 Jun 2022, 08:38 | Tags: funding

Compromised connections: the impact of Covid-19 on hospice care

Today we’re launching brand new research with @warwickuni@johnmacartney, exploring the impact of Covid-19 on hospices and what this means for the future of hospice care.

Thu 09 Jun 2022, 09:02 | Tags: Cancer Research Centre GRPNews Health GRP

West Midlands Academic Health Science Network - May Update

Welcome to the May WMAHSN Update

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Wed 04 May 2022, 11:08 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

Understanding how to stop ice growth with amino acids

The GibsonGroup, working with the Sosso Group in chemistry have demonstrated that simple amino acids can slow the recrystallisation of ice. Ice recrystallisation inhibition (IRI) is normally associated with ice binding proteins, but the team show that amino acids can also achieve this. Using a combination of experiments and modelling the importance of the structure of the amino acid is explored, and the relative role of ice binding investigated.

Read the paper here.

Tue 12 Apr 2022, 10:53 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

Multiple sclerosis and the Epstein Barr virus

Multiple sclerosis mystery solved: Glandular fever virus is the cause.

Fri 11 Mar 2022, 09:29 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

AMR programme: call for Research Fellow Mentors

Monash Warwick Alliance antimicrobial resistance (AMR) training programme in Emerging Superbug Threats – Call for Research Fellow Mentors

Academic colleagues are invited to apply to become a mentor for a philanthropically funded research fellow associated with this programme, which aims to deliver interdisciplinary AMR research training across the Warwick and Monash campuses to recent PhD graduates with relevant expertise. Further information about the goals and structure of the programme, and details of how to apply can be found here The deadline for submitting applications is 28 Feb 2022.

Fri 11 Feb 2022, 09:10 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

Lighting Up Tumour Treatments

The Perrier Lab have just published a new study in Angewandte Chemie which shows how polymeric nanotubes can be designed to switch their fluorescence on as they deliver a commercial anticancer drug (doxorubicin), thereby permitting the in-situ visualization of drug release. By this method, we can both treat a cancer tumour and show where the tumour is located. These theranostic systems (from therapeutic and diagnostic) form a new approach to drug delivery.

Read the paper here.

Thu 20 Jan 2022, 12:48 | Tags: GPP GRPNews

6 of the biggest good news cancer stories of 2021

2021 may not have been the year anyone expected, with COVID-19 still making its presence known in our lives and around the world.

But a lot of progress has still been made. From promising new cancer drugs to trialling a cancer blood test, here are some of the top good news stories from the year.

Wed 12 Jan 2022, 09:08 | Tags: Cancer Research Centre GRPNews

Over 600 people in England set to benefit from innovative lung cancer treatment

More than 600 people in England with a form of lung cancer could benefit from the innovative drug osimertinib (Tagrisso) after its approval by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

The drug will now be available to people with early-stage non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) who have had surgery to remove their tumour that has errors in a gene called EGFR.

Wed 15 Dec 2021, 09:01 | Tags: Cancer Research Centre GRPNews

AHSN Funding Newsletter November 2021

Welcome to November's AHSN Funding Newsletter. This bulletin alerts you to funding opportunities, international opportunities, events and other relevant AHSN news. For each opportunity we have provided a brief summary and a link to full details.

Thu 25 Nov 2021, 15:25 | Tags: funding GRPNews Health GRP

How insulin has changed diabetes care, 100 years on

Dr Thomas Barber was interviewed by Medical News Today on current insulin research and potential future developments. Listen to the interview here.

Wed 17 Nov 2021, 13:18 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

International Partnership Fund

The fund aims to strengthen or initiate exchange between Warwick researchers/educators and their counterparts from leading international universities or institutes by enabling them to jointly undertake preliminary research, organize meetings, conferences, or workshops.

Tue 02 Nov 2021, 13:53 | Tags: funding, Health GRP

Immunotherapy combination could be alternative to ‘Extreme’ chemotherapy in some head and neck cancers

An immunotherapy combination could be better than standard ‘Extreme’ chemotherapy as first-line treatment for some patients with relapsed or metastatic head and neck cancer, or both, a major phase III trial suggests.

Tue 12 Oct 2021, 13:19 | Tags: GPP GRPNews Health GRP

Cholesterol drug appraised by WMS researchers to be made available on NHS

A new drug to lower cholesterol which was appraised by Warwick Evidence will be made available to hundreds of thousands of NHS patients

Mon 20 Sep 2021, 12:32 | Tags: GRPNews Health GRP

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