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Futures of Work

How does digital technology, demographic change, government policies and labour market institutions shape the future of work?

As will, it is likely, responses to possible future health pandemics. Each provides opportunities and challenges.

The future of work is not written. Choices and constraints exist that offer a range of possible futures. How these choices and constraints play out will affect individual wellbeing, the productivity performance of organisations and the competitiveness and wellbeing of communities, regions and countries. This strand of the GRP examines the futures of work through its research and engagement with the public, practitioners and policymakers. It aims to support a future of work that benefits all, including in terms of equality, inclusiveness and diversity. Much of this research is undertaken by CREW, a network that connects researchers of employment and work within Warwick and which is supported by business and government stakeholders across the Midlands and beyond, nationally and internationally.

Some examples of recent research, conducted at Warwick, around this theme, can be found in the Publications and Blogs Section below:


Job loss and job creation: pitfalls and opportunities? Brexit, foreign investment and employment,

Authors: Professor Nigel Driffield and Dr Erika Kispeter

Warwick Social Sciences policy briefing - 9/2017.

People and Machines: from hype to reality

Authors: Professor Chris Warhurst, Dr Wil Hunt, Dr Supida Sarkar

CIPD 2019

Transforming gender relations in an ageing world: a policy discussion paper

Authors: Professor Stephen Roper and Dr Joanne Turner

Journal: International Small Business Journal: Researching Entrepreneurship, 38 (6). pp. 504-514.

The Digitalisation of Future Work and Employment. Possible impact and policy responses

Authors: Professor Chris Warhurst and Will Hunt, 2019

Joint Research Council Working Papers Series on Labour, Education and Technology

Seville: European Commission


'Do the self-employed have a future in the UK?'
Professor Chris Warhurst
17 July, 2020

How has covid-19 affected the self-employed and are the government's measures enough to help those who are self employed?

'The shape of things to come?'
Professor Chris Warhurst

01 June, 2020

Professor Chris Warhurst examines what the current landscape of employment looks like and what the UK government could do to reboot its industrial strategy.

'A new definition of "essential work"- from hedge funds to logistics'
Professor Nigel Driffield

29 April, 2020

Professor Nigel Driffield considers how we have come to perceive essential work, and the services we really need to survive in a covid-19 era.

'Pivoting for success: Building more resilient UK manufacturing supply chains'
Professor Jan Godsell

07 May, 2020

Professor Jan Godsell discusses how UK manufacturing supply chains can pivot and build capability for the future.