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Activities and funded research projects

Our research activities span podcasts, funding for research reports and interdisciplinary methodologies that investigate issues impacting Productivity and the Futures of Work.

Parent Carer Wellbeing Day

Jo Griffin

This one day conference provides opportunities for parents of children with special education needs and disabilities to consider their own wellbeing. This includes considering the benefits, and barriers, of accessing work as a parent carer. The event also provides a chance to connect with other parent carers and reduce isolation which can be a significant problem for this group of parents.

AI in Healthcare Workshop: A closer look at Interdisciplinarity for Improved Innovation in Future Clinical and Work Practices.

Busola Oronti, Mark Elliott

This one-day workshop will bring together AI professionals, students and hobbyists from different disciplines to interact with clinicians and medical students from the Warwick Medical School in order to raise awareness and understanding of the issues at stake in the deployment of AI in healthcare and medicine. The goal is to explore interdisciplinarity for improved innovation in future clinical and work practices.

International Conference on AI and the Digital Economy (CADE 2023)

The Productivity & Futures of Work GRP are supporting the ninth CADE conference, taking place from 26-28 June 2023. CADE will again take place in beautiful Venice, Italy, in a blended format, allowing participants to attend physically or virtually.

CADE aims to provide opportunities for academics and practitioners to share the latest research, build networks, and develop ideas & projects on topics related to the research themes of Responsible AI, Digital Identity, Decentralised Architectures & Web3.0, Net Zero/Sustainability, and Digital/Data-driven Supply Chains.

Working Parents & Workplace Wellbeing: A survey exploring work-family life balance for parents

Sola Browne (Warwick Manufacturing School and Warwick Medical School)

Digital creep: The ‘platformisation’ of paid and unpaid work

Dr Sally Wright (IER)

Dr Wright explores how the impact of digitalisation on paid and unpaid work. The analysis will explore such themes as digital tool usage, algorithmic management and digital surveillance, and the production of unpaid digital content.

Sector analysis of the Gender Pay Gap reporting in England

Dr Erika Kispeter and Dr Manuela Galetto

This piece of research analyses the Gender Pay Gap (GPG) reporting in the UK, exploring how and why employers in different sectors respond to requirements on pay transparency differently.

Warwick University Productivity and the Futures of Work research: a review of contributions'


This study identifies the nature of the research on productivity and the future of work carried out by the University of Warwick since its establishment in 1974, the faculty involved and their external research networks.

'Remote affective labour?: How COVID-19 accelerated digitalisation of services'

Dr Didem Derya Ozdemir Kaya

Funded by this GRP, Dr Didem Derya Ozdemir Kaya research investigated how service jobs such as coaching, nursing and performance arts involving human contact have been impacted by the COVID-19.

'We'll Meet Again' PodcastLink opens in a new window

Dr Chris Bilton

Chris Bilton from the Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies and thematic lead for Creative Industries, talks to people in the arts and creative industries about life under lockdown - what's changing and what needs to change.

'Out of Work': An Audiovisual scrapbook

Naomi Waltham Smith- Associate Professor

In this project Naomi Waltham- Smith for Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies is documenting and analysing the myriad experiences of being “out of work” that have arisen during the pandemic—understood in the double sense of both being without a job and also leisure outside of work.

'Realities and Dreams: Culture Under Covid'

Connected Cultures GRP

Part funded by our GRP this Realities and Dreams: Culture under Covid, is a series of podcasts examining the impact of Covid-19 on the UK creative economy. The creative and cultural sector and individual practitioners within it, have been hit especially hard by the pandemic.In each episode a researcher from University of Warwick Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies will be talking to a creative practitioner about how their work has been affected and about their hopes for the future.

If you're interested in applying to the Small Grants Scheme, more information can be found here.