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Welcome to the Productivity and Futures of Work webinar series that will be highlighting research related to Covid-19 as well as research related to our four main themes: Creativity, Innovation, Futures of Work and Health and Wellbeing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged much contemporary thinking in terms of productivity, well-being and the futures of work. The shift to home working, sectors unable to work, and others that are overwhelmed there is no ‘one size fits all’ response.

In this series of webinars experts from across the University of Warwick will be reflecting on the way in which COVID-19 has questioned traditional thinking in relation to and aspect of productivity, well-being and the nature of work. The webinars are intended to spark conversation and debate. They will help to connect those with common interests for further discussion and exploration.

All Webinars and Podcasts:


Dr Chris Bilton

Artists After Covid

A live recording of a workshop at Birmingham Rep hosted by University of Warwick's 'Productivity and the Futures of Work' GRP- exploring what steps we can take to build back a fairer more sustainable work environment for creative freelancers.

Professor Nigel Driffield
A new definition of essential work: from hedge funds to logistics

Essential work is easy to understand as a concept, but how do we define what this means? How do we see it? Does business have a role to play?

Professor Nigel Driffield's presentation will focus on how we have come to perceive essential work, and the services we really need to survive in a covid-19 era.

Out of Office: Supporting staff wellbeing when the home becomes the workplace
Dr Mark Elliott

How do we define wellbeing? How has the impact of covid-19 effected our wellbeing?

In this presentation Dr Mark Elliot will explore the negative ways in which working from home has effected and the surprising benefits.

Systems level leadership fit for the future: Lessons from Covid-19
Professor Graeme Currie

What have we learnt from covid-19 about responding to a crisis? How can system level leadership help to make more resilient systems? Watch the presentation to learn more.

Policy intervention to promote the health and wellbeing of workers in small and medium sized enterprises

Dr Lena Al-Khudairy

Dr Lena Al-Khudairy is a Senior Research Fellow and Deputy Director in Health Technology Assessment within the Warwick Evidence Group at the Warwick Medical School. She is part of the rapid response to policy group in Applied Research Collaboration Wes Midlands. Her research interests are broadly in the areas of lifestyle factors and chronic conditions

Youth mental health is everyone's business - Cincinnati Business Courier
The wealth of a nation is the mental health of its youth

Professor Swaran Singh

This talk will cover the different ways in which mental health and employment interact, especially in young people with emerging mental disorders.

The shape of the workforce to come?
Professor Christopher Warhurst

What could the government do about job losses caused by covid-19?

In the context of massive job losses caused by covid-19, an opportunity arises to reshape the workforce of the future through rebooting industrial strategy

How to improve the productivity of your supply chain? | VComply
Relating Productivity to Organisational Context
Clive Reynolds

This project has used engagement as the trigger for an organisation to understand and establish its own unique value-adding, productive environment. In doing so it exorcised myths and created a model we will share with you that also has the potential to deliver Customer Intimacy.

Artists with benefits: could a future welfare system level the playing field for cultural workers?

Chair: Dr Chris Bilton (Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies, University of Warwick)

Panel composition: Mags Patten (Arts Council England), Stephen Brown (Musicians Union) and Dr Heidi Ashton (University of Warwick).

Teleworkability as a new digital divide

Speakers: Professor Chris Warhurst (Director, Institute of Employment Research, Warwick University) and Dr Enrique Fernandez-Macias (University of Salamanca)

Learning from lockdown: What can the lockdown teach us about interdisciplinary research where urban environments, behaviour, work, and energy concerns intersect?

Co-organised with Energy, Behaviour, Brain and Society and Sustainable Cities GRP's

Speakers: Dr Joel Cardinal, Professor David Elmes, Dr Maria Wishart, Professor Nick Chater, Professor Jon Coaffee

3 Strategies for Improving Employee Productivity and Prosperity - HR Daily  Advisor

From Productivity to Prosperity

This project will report some findings from our ESRC project “from productivity to prosperity” – looking at the extent to which inward investment plays a role in driving productivity in the west midlands. We look specifically at which sectors benefit from inward investment, and the drivers of these gains, both in terms of the make up of sectors in the region, but also the types of inward investment that they attract.

The Deceptive Simplicity of Boosting Productivity in Supply Chains |  Logistics Bureau

Supply Chain Productivity in Practice
Professor Jan Godsell

Professor Jan Godsell presents the findings of a survey of over 250 UK firms, from manufacturing, retail, hospitality and professional services. It will compare and contrast their current levels of supply chain productivity, how management practices linked to planning and technology adoption contribute to this. This presentation builds on concepts explored in The Supply Chain in Practice (SCIP) webinar Perspectives on Supply Chain Productivity


'Productivity in a time of Coronavirus: Lessons from an artist'

Dr Chris Bilton

How much work have you done today? Have you been ‘productive’? Dr Chris Bilton explores what it means to be productive as an artist and how this could help us all in a time of Coronavirus.

'Pivoting for Success: Building more resilient UK Manufacturing Supply Chains
Professor Jan Godsell

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how manufacturing supply chains are critical to the process of delivering products and also services that essential to life. Whilst a series of ‘lifeboat’ projects are needed to protect manufacturing capability in the short term, now is the time for UK manufacturing supply chains to pivot and build capability for the future.

Dr Ayfer Ali
Drug Repurposing in the age of Covid -19?

Dr Ayfer Ali is a Lecturer in the Strategy and International Group at Warwick Business School. She has a PhD in Health Policy/Management from Harvard University/Harvard Business School and a BA with honors in Economics from Harvard College. Her research is focused on innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare with special interest in the pharmaceutical industry. Her expertise is in markets for technology ? patenting and licensing of inventions in the pharma and biotech industries. She has been particularly interested in drug repurposing and user (physician and patient) innovation in health care.