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Dr David Walker leads EPSRC funded Electron Diffractometer Success for Warwick

Dr David Walker, Platform Manager of the X-ray Diffraction (XRD) Research Technology Platform (RTP), has won £1.5M of funding from the EPSRC to house a National Electron Diffraction Facility for Nanomaterial Structural studies. This will be a joint facility with the University of Southampton (led by Professor Simon Coles) whereby each institution will receive a first of its kind commercial electron diffractometer and a technical post to facilitate the project. Co-investigators on the project include Prof. Richard Walton (Chemistry & XRD RTP) and Prof. Richard Beanland (Physics & Electron Microscopy RTP).


Dr David Walker commented "Electron Diffraction is set to revolutionise crystal structure determination in fields limited by crystallite size and quality, including inorganic materials, MOFs and pharmaceuticals where traditional X-ray methods have reached their limit. From this new wealth and volume of accurate structural information will give a step-change in the science enabled. It is hoped that this dual site, dual instrument facility will catalyse rapid growth in this area for the UK, placing it in the leading position globally for electron diffraction structural solution."

Professor David Leadley, Deputy PVC (Research) and Chair of the Technician Commitment Steering Group at Warwick, added "It is fantastic that David, the team at Warwick, and our collaborators at the University of Southampton will be providing access to electron diffraction for researchers in Warwick and across the UK. I am also proud that David, as a research technical professional, has led Warwick to success in such as prestigious award"