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PG Student Sick Pay Form

Paid Sick Leave Form for Post Gradute students

United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI) PGR and PGT funded students are entitled to 13 weeks (91 days) paid sick leave, in any rolling 12 month period. For more information please read the policy to find information on eligibility and terms and conditions.

Please only complete the form below if your period of absence is over or extends over 29 consecutive days. If your absence is not over 28 days no action is required for you to continue to receive your funding. You will remain as a registered student with no extension or additional funding provided. However if you experience multiple, significant periods of shorter absences, that you feel are exceptionally impacting on your studies, you should speak to the Doctoral College. Such cases will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

To request sick leave you will need to submit a temporary withdrawal health request on Student Records Online which covers the entire period of absence. You will then need to submit the below form to request sick pay for the absence. If you submit a temporary withdrawal request for more than 13 weeks you will only receive payment for up to 13 weeks.

In line with Government guidance students are able to self-certify for the first 7 days of the paid sick leave period. A sick note (see policy for specifics on requirements) from a medical practitioner (Health Centres on campus) and a self-certification form  (if required) must be attached to the request.

When your requests are processed, your date of completion will be extended by your temporary withdrawal request and your funding end date by the "funded medical leave" period. You will receive an email to your University of Warwick email address regarding the outcome of the requests, confirming your new expected end date and a separate email confirming the outcome of extending your funding.

Your department may arrange a meeting when you return, to ensure that you are fit for study or to see if you require any support from Wellbeing Support Services.

A Resumption of Studies request must be submitted to Student Records Online before your return, in line with University of Warwick regulation 36.1.5.

A satisfactory medical note or letter from an appropriate practitioner is required. You should ask your doctor/medical professional to address the following in his/her note:
a) your current condition,
b) your prognosis, and
c) confirmation that the proposed return to study date is satisfactory.You should attach this medical note/letter to your resumption request using Student Records Requests.

You will only be able to re-enrol once your medical note/letter has been deemed satisfactory.

Only complete this form if your absence is over or extends over 29 consecutive days. Any request submitted for 28 days or less than 28 days will not be processed.

You are limited to 13 weeks paid sick leave in any 12 month period. After the 13 weeks have been used, you will need to submit a Temporary Withdrawal request on Student Records Online for any further absence, this absence will not be covered by the sick pay policy.

Description of illness

Note - The end date of the sickness absence will be taken from your medical evidence submitted with this form.

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By ticking the box, you are confirming that you are the named person submitting the form.
Please tick the box to confirm you have read the policy regarding sick pay for PGR stdudents
Privacy statement

The data on this form will be used to verify your identity and used to process your claimed period of absence. It will be held securely for the duration of your studies. We will send you the outcome of the request to your University of Warwick email account. We will store the fact that you have requested this period of leave to ensure our records are correct. We will not use the data for any other purpose.

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Sick Pay Key Requirements

  • Request paid sick leave by completing the form below.
  • A Temporary Withdrawal health must also be requested.
  • Absence must be over or extend over 28 days (4 weeks).
  • Self-certify for the first 7 days.
  • Medical evidence supplied after 7 days.
  • Dates on medical evidence must match those requested.
  • 13 weeks of paid sick leave allowed within a 12 month period.
  • A Resumption of Studies request must be submitted before your return
  • Only complete this form if your absence is over or extends over 29 consecutive days. Any request submitted for 28 days or less than 28 days will not be processed.