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Echo360 Analytics

This guide shows how Echo360 can be used to gather data on student engagement and participation.

Echo360 Analytics enables you to:

  • See which students have viewed your recordings,
  • See which of your recordings are getting the most views,
  • See the parts of your recordings that are being viewed most often,
  • Export the analytics as an Excel file for further analysis.
We have only provided a brief guide on the analytics available to you. Learn more about Echo360 analytics from the Echo360 Student Engagement and Course Analytics guides.

Accessing Echo360 analytics for a module

  1. Log in to Moodle, and navigate to the module.
  2. Click on the Lecture Capture (Echo360) block on the right-hand side of the Moodle space.
  3. Select Analytics at the top of the page.


On the analytics page, you will see an overview of the module metrics. The video views provide an insight into the number of times a video has been viewed by your students.

  1. Click Export full data set to download an Excel file of the table and additional metric fields.
  2. Click on a video from the table to display a list of all students and how they have interacted with it.

Learn more about the analytics overview page from the Echo360 Course Analytics - Overview guide.

Student overview and individual student data

  1. Follow the steps above to access the Echo360 analytics for your module.
  2. Click the Students tab on the left of the analytics page. This displays a list of all students with metrics based on their interaction with the recording.
    • Click on an individual student to open a window with a list of all the module recordings.
    • Click Export full data set to download an Excel file of the table. This export includes additional metric fields.

Learn more about student analytics from the Echo360 Course Analytics - Student Data guide.

Engagement Score

Echo360 uses analytics from its full Active Learning Platform (ALP) features including attendance, notes, Q&A, presentation views, etc. to calculate an Engagement Score for each student. This is based on the activity of each student as they 'engage' with each ALP feature.

Click on the Engagement tab on the right-hand side of the Analytics page to view these scores.

Engagement scores out of context may not be meaningful and should be viewed critically. To help with this, you can change the weighting of each feature to match your use and their relative importance to 'engagement' with your recordings.

Learn more about the metrics used by Echo360 analytics from the Definition of Analytics Data Metrics guide.

Learn how to configure the engagement score from the Configuring YOUR Engagement Score Preferences guide.

Heatmap of Views

The heatmap displays a graph along the timeline of a video with peaks and troughs showing the 30-second segments that have received the most views.

  1. Click on the Lecture Capture (Echo360) block in the Moodle space.
  2. Click on the recording you want to view the heatmap for.
  3. Click the heatmap overlay toggle in the player at the bottom next to the volume button.
  4. A timeline overlay will be displayed over the video.

Learn more about recording hotspot analytics from the Echo360 Video Analytics on the Content Details Page guide.

The information on this page relates to Echo360 Lecture and Universal Capture and was last updated May 2021.


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