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Use collections to share recordings

Collections in Echo360 are similar to playlists; a collection of related videos which may not belong to the same course or module.

Collections are designed to be collaborative spaces where people are brought together to view, post, share and work with the media in the collection.

They can be used for:

  • reusing material across modules/courses and adding flexibility for who adds content
  • collating teaching and help materials
  • sharing media with others and depending on permissions allowing those people to reuse your content.

Collections have members who have varying permissions depending on their access level.

Echo360's Collections - Overview

Creating a collection

Anyone with instructor permissions on Echo360 can create a collection.

See Echo360's guide on Creating a collection.

Creating a collection will automatically make you the Collection Manager.

Adding media to a collection

Collection Managers and any collection member who has the Add & Upload permission in the collection can add media.

There are three ways to add media to your collection:

Manage a collection

When you create a collection, you are added as the Collection manager. This allows you to:

And also:

Sharing a collection

To share a collection with somebody, you must add them as a member. Collection Managers can add members manually or enable an Enrolment link. All members added via the link have Reviewer access level to the collection. This means they can view the media added to the collection but cannot add or remove media. A Collection Manager can amend their access level via the Membership tab of the collection.

See Echo360's guide to Using a Link To Add Collection Members.

Users must already have access to Echo360 and be logged in to be able to access the collection i.e. they must have clicked on the lecture capture block prior to clicking on the collections link.

Share media from a collection

If you have been given Post permission in a collection, you are able to post the collection media to other locations. This includes posting into a class in an Echo360 course section, creating a public link to post outside of Echo360, and embedding it into a Moodle activity, resource, or section header, using the Echo360 atto toolbar button.

See Echo360's guide to Sharing Media from a Collection to Other Locations

The information on this page relates to Echo360 and was last updated May 2022.


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