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Add a group choice activity

Group choice allows students to select one or more groups they wish to be a member of in a course. Following their choice,they are automatically enrolled into the group(s) of their choice.

By using this, as per groups and groupings, teachers can restrict access to activites and resources, or use group mode for certain activities.

Course editors can set up a group choice activity as follows:

  1. Go to Course administration > Users > Groups and make sure you have the desired groups already created.
  2. Turn editing on from the cog menu, and then add Group Choice from the Activity menu. The Group choice edit window will open.
  3. Give the activity a name, and if required a description that can appear on the course page to help students with the activity.

Name and description

Group choice name and description

Miscellaneous settings

Group choice - publish results

  1. Decide if the students can choose only one group or several. Check the 'Allow enrolment to multiple groups' option to allow students to select more that 1 group e.g. where students need to choose 2 out of 3 topics. This can be combined with the 'Limit the number of responses allowed' to enforce this choice limit.
  2. Under Publish results, for 'anonymous' groups, select 'Do not publish results to students". If you want students to be able to see who is in the groups (after they choose), select 'Show results to students only after they answer'. Alternatively, you can choose to let students see who is already in each group by setting 'Always show results to students'.
Privacy (of results)

If an option other than 'Do not publish' is chosen above, this option allows tthe editor to choose to show students the number of people signed up to each group (if anonymous), or list all the groups plus the student names.

Other miscellaneous settings

Group choice - Other settings

  1. Choose to allow or prevent students to change their minds and choose a different group
  2. Choose whether to show a column of all students who have not yet answered in the 'Choose a group' responses page (editors only).
  3. Choose to allow a specific number of responses so that students can, for example, sign up to exactly 2 out of 5 groups. Disable will allow students to choose all groups if 'allow enrolment to multiple groups' is checked.

Group choice - groups

  1. Select one or more groups from the 'List of available groups'
  2. Click Add Group to add the selection to the 'Selected groups' list
  3. Select a group in this list and choose remove Group, or
  4. Set a limit for the number of students who can join this group.

The remainder of the settings are the common activity settings such as restrict access.

Students using group choice

  • When the student clicks on the Group choice activity, they can select which group(s) they wish to join and then click Save my choice.
  • If allowed, they can toggle a Show/Hide link to see who else is in the groups.

For more guidance on Group Choice, see:

The information on this page relates to Moodle v3.4 and was last updated August 2018.


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