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Share Stream videos in Moodle

This guide explains how to share your Stream videos in Moodle.

    Please make sure that you have set up suitable viewing permissions for the video(s). By default, only the uploader or creator of a video has permission to view it.

    Videos can either be shared by URL or embedded directly into a text editor.

    Share with a direct link to the video

    1. Navigate to the video in Stream.
    2. Click Share.
    3. Set a Start time if the video is not supposed to start from the beginning.
    4. Click Copy.
    5. Follow the guide on Creating a URL in Moodle.

    Embed the video in a text editor

    Watch this video to see how to embed your Stream video into Moodle (03:07) or read more at Moodle Docs.

    Due to browser security restrictions, viewing embedded content does not always work. Experiences will differ between browsers and security is likely to be further tightened for browsers in the future. Including a direct link to the video or opening the video in a new window is a more robust setup.
    The information on this page relates to Microsoft Stream and was last updated August 2021.


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