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Share Stream videos in Moodle

This guide explains how to share your Stream videos in Moodle.

    If you can't find your migrated videos try search in Stream or look for a 'Stream Migrated Videos' folder in OneDrive > My Files

    Please make sure that you have set up suitable viewing permissions for the video(s). By default, only the uploader or creator of a video has permission to view it. Please also see the warnings and advisory notices at the bottom of this page.

    For a more straightforward video embed option we recommend sharing content, especially new content, through the Echo 360 platform.

    Videos can either be shared by URL or embedded directly into a text editor.

    Share a direct link to the video

    1. Navigate to the video in Stream.
    2. Click the Share button then the Copy link option
    3. Click on the Settings link to decide on the sharing options and select Apply.

    4. Choose who you want to share the video with. Refer to Microsoft's Link settings for further explanationLink opens in a new window.

      If you need to share the link with a large group of people and the video is not particularly sensitive or private, consider sharing with 'University of Warwick'. Or, if you have a Moodle-synched Team for your module, you will be able to share it with the corresponding O365 group via the People you choose option.
    5. Set the More settings to ensure that users you are sharing with have the appropriate permissions for the video (view, edit, download).
    6. Click the Apply button.
    7. The link will be copied to your clipboard and ready for you to paste.
    8. To add your link to the VLE follow the guide on Creating a URL in MoodleLink opens in a new window.

    Embed the video in a text editor

    1. Navigate to the video in Stream.
    2. Click the Share button then the Share option
    3. Either:

      (a) Click on the cogwheel to decide on the sharing options and click the Apply button.

      (b) Or to share with an O365 Group then type the name of the group in the search box and select it from the dropdown list*.
    4. Close this share box. Do not click "send" unless you want to notify users by email.
    5. Click the main Share button and select Embed
    6. Click Copy embed code and close this window.
    7. To add your embed to the VLE Paste this code into the HTML view of the Moodle text editor, editing the display as desired. Click Save and return to course or see embed in Moodle

    * If you can not find your O365 module group then it is likely that it has not been created. This can be done by creating a Moodle-Teams synchronised space. Either see "How to Request a Team" or contact your departmental/faculty Academic Technologist, Moodle administrator or the central team 

    There are some potential challenges related to permissions when viewing embedded content from Stream. For example an embedded video shared with "People in the University of Warwick" may not be viewable until the user has followed a separate link to view the video at least once. If you use an embed option it is highly recommended that you provide an alternative video link in case of any viewing issues. [These are known issues related to the way Microsoft has configured this tool].

    Using a direct link to the video or opening the video in a new window is likely to be a more robust setup.
    Top Tip: For a more straightforward embed option we recommend sharing content, especially new content, through the Echo 360 platform.

    The information on this page relates to Microsoft Stream and was last updated September 2023.


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