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The publishing industry includes careers based in a variety of areas including books, magazines, corporate and trade publications and within online media. Companies can vary from multinational corporations to small niche publishing houses. Digital media is a growth area for the industry.

How do I write a CV?

This short course will take you through the basics of writing a CV.

Interview training

Learn how to pass interviews and assessment centers.

Cover letters

This short course will teach you how to write a covering letter.


Most employers are looking for a love of books and the written word, commercial and business awareness, interest in and understanding of the industry, eye for detail and curiosity and enthusiasm.

Internships are highly sought after and some of the most well known houses are taken well in advance.


Relevant experience could include working on the Boar, organising publicity leaflets for a society, working in a bookshop/library. A relevant period of work experience is very helpful. Office experience of any kind is considered helpful by many publishing firm.


Trade Bodies

Equity is the UK trade union for professional performers and creative practitioners.


Professional Publishers Association represents magazine publishers and data providers.


The UK's leading representative voice for books, journal, audio and electronic publishers.


Working across film, video, radio, fashion, games, publishing, advertising and marketing.