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Jobs boards and opportunities

In addition to the charateristic specific resources, you might also find these resources useful.

You can find many other more specific resources here: add some buttons!)

Please note: We do not endorse any of the organisations these sites are linked to. They are here for your information only.

Link to a resource

Description - avoid having miscellaneous lists of links without descriptions of what they are or why you're sharing them.

Link to a different resource

The title of a page/programme alone likely isn't enough for a student to know why they should click.

Look out - it's a third link

Clear descriptions will help users make decisions about which links they want to visit.

*DJ Khaled voice* another one

1 or 2 sentences for each is fine. These little paragraphs also help to break up the list so it's easier to scan.

Link (or Mambo) Number 5

Be selective and only add the best resources - if this list gets too long it will stop being useful.