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Working abroad

Are you thinking of developing your international research career? What do you need to consider before planning your next steps:

  • Applications: UK conventions for writing CVs (both academic and non academic) will not necessarily apply elsewhere.
  • Qualifications: bear in mind that the British university system may not be understood in other countries. Can you demonstrate that your qualifications and experience have equivalence elsewhere?
  • Language skills: are your language skills really good enough to work in a country where English/your mother tongue may not be spoken?
  • Salaries/cost of living: are these comparable to what you might achieve at home? What standard of living can you expect overseas?
  • Partners: do you have a partner? Will they be able to get a work permit?
  • Quality of life: what is available for you and your family to enjoy outside of work.
  • Pensions and tax: if you are a UK citizen and plan to return to the UK, think about keeping up National Insurance contributions so that you don't lose out on pension rights. You can find out more about the implications from:

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  • Erasmus– lifelong learning opportunities for all Staff - all disciplines.
  • EURAXESS – support for UK researchers wishing to work in Europe and International researchers working in the UK.


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