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Non-academic careers

The majority of UK doctorate graduates end up in non-academic careers. Many employers value the work of their research degree holders and are happy to recruit them. Despite these facts, many are still intimidated by the idea of leaving the familiar academic environment.

Options beyond academia:

  1. To continue doing research or teaching but in a non-academic environment. Your research skills and specialized knowledge may be of value to commercial and non-commercial employers, from banks to the public sector.
  2. Leave research altogether and find new roles, applying your transferable skills and abilities. For example, scientists are sought after in finance for their numerical skills, and arts and social Science researchers can excel in law, marketing, and business for their creativity and communication skills.

In both cases there are opportunities for researchers who understand how commercial environments work, and how they differ from the more familiar HE environment. It is important to network with researchers who have made this transition, read and research the business area you are interested in, and learn about the company itself. See subpages for more information:

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