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Copy of Alumni Careers Stories

In this inspirational series our alumni share, in their own words, stories of overcoming challenges, bringing about positive change, forging their own way and reaching their goals.

You can access information about the career destinations of Warwick graduates on the Discover Uni website. Discover Uni is an official source of information about higher education and features statistics taken from national surveys and data collected from universities and colleges about all their students.

For Warwick staff: Graduate destinations information (staff log in required)

Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine

Heline DeconinckHeline Deconinck: Mmaths and PhD in Mathmatics - Enable

"I didn't have a specific career path in mind, but my research into Maths at Warwick made me confident that there are lots of career opportunities for Warwick maths grads."

Jack Mallows: Economics - IBM Strategy Consultant: Data Science

"IBM spot potential and nurture it, they are not looking for the finished article, and had I known that when I was applying I would have put much more effort into showing off my strengths rather than trying to cover up and justify my weaknesses!"

Alisdair Irvine
Alisdair Irvine: Mechanical Engineering BEng - BAE Systems

"University is very good at making you adapt to uncertain or changeable scenarios, and that adaptability is exactly what you need to be able to work with various projects teams and various personality types of different ages, experience and opinions."

Nadia Fowler: Medical Microbiology and Virology - Ashfield MedComms

"Honestly, my greatest challenge has been building resilience…"

Louis ErrittLouis Eritt: Maths - Civil Service Fast Stream

"It is precisely the fact that I didn’t have a specific career path in mind that drew me to studying mathematics."

Yu Xi Chau: Complexity Science Masters and PhD - A.S. Watson

Yu Xi Chau moved back to Hong Kong after graduating to pursue a role in data science and is now the data science manager for A.S. Watson - the world's largest health and beauty brand.

Matthew LougherMatthew Lougher: Physics and MOAC DTC - London Centre for Nanotechnology

"You don't have to find your perfect career straight away; taking a couple of job moves to find what you really want to do can help find your perfect role."

Stephanie BrownStephanie Brown: MSc in Biomedical Engineering – National Grid

"Don't pigeon-hole or discount yourself from roles you may assume to not be qualified for."

Philip HodgesPhilip Hodges: Pure Maths - Guiide

"Learning at Warwick was not just the academic course but the social and cultural environment."

Hannah MacFarlaneHannah MacFarlane: Psychology – EDF Energy

"Know your worth! You got into Warwick uni which means you've got something valuable to offer to your potential employers."

Arunima Roy Nima Roy: Philosophy, Politics & Economics – NHS

"The road is long so try to make time to enjoy the scenery along the way!"

Emily Hollebon Emily Hollebon: Chemistry – Ashfield Medcomms

"The skills and knowledge that I gained from my time at Warwick have been invaluable."

Kaleighshandra Isaac Kaleighshandra Isaac: Biomedical Science – Ashfield Medcomms

"The biggest tip I would give is to be bold and confident in your abilities."

Creative, Marketing and PR

Angie Bhandal: Classical Civilisations – Skiddle

"there is a lot of pressure to decide what exactly you want to do, but as long as you have a rough idea and just try and get as much exposure to the different things that you like…I think is the best thing you can do"

Day Lau: politics and international studies - CEO and Entrepreneur

Day Lau highlights the importance of internships in helping determine what type of work you might enjoy.

Tom HouriganTom Hourigan: French and History - BBC News

"The critical thinking skills I learned at Warwick have been crucial to my work as a journalist."

Hattie Collins: Theatre and Performance Studies - Theatre Alibi

"When I left university, I never thought I would be working in marketing and gaining the experience in arts specific marketing that I am, but I now absolutely love it and feel immensely grateful to work where I do."

Sophie Schremser: Language, Culture and Communication - Gagosian Gallery

"Rejections are unfortunately a normal part of this process and you should just try to keep your head up and keep giving it your all!"

Sanna EhsanSanna Ehsan: English Literature – Flexeserve

"Take time to build a portfolio."

Kate JonesKate Jones: Psychology – Montezuma's Chocolate

"You will have knock backs and you may not find your dream job immediately but keep positive and don't give up!"

Public and third sector

Caroline Wagner: Intercultural Communication for Business in the Professions - Greenpeace Mediterranean

"joining societies, attending talks and debates and conferences about sustainability and really interesting topics, that allowed me to strengthen my knowledge and really find my passion in sustainability"

Chloe Etheridge: History – National Graduate Development Programme

"I have never had a clear career path in my mind, instead I have always sought to spend my time studying or working at things I enjoy."

Naemi Gutmann Naemi Gutmann: History & Politics - Macmillan Cancer Support

"the career service, CV workshops and application checks that are on offer at Warwick were incredibly helpful and I would really recommend making use of them!"

Neil Gordon: History – Scottish Government

"One of the strengths of History as a degree is the transferability of its core skills: researching for exams and essays teaches you to analyse large quantities of information and consider different perspectives, whilst writing up makes you distil all that information into snappy, powerful arguments"

Annie Bliss Annie Bliss: Law - NHS Confederation

"I think the most important skills I learned at Warwick that have helped with my career to date are writing and time management"

Arunima Roy Nima Roy: Philosophy, Politics & Economics – NHS

"The road is long so try to make time to enjoy the scenery along the way!"

Anoshamisa Gonye Anoshamisa Gonye: LLB Law – Chatham House

"always put your best self forward"

Blurred painting of a plantpot with a green shoot captioned growing Inca Hide-Wright: Psychology – Warwick Business School

"remain open to opportunities"

Finance and Law

Yanqing Wang Yanqing Wang: BA Law and Business Studies, MSc Accounting and Finance - Close Brothers

"Be preparing that not all career progression or job can be carefully planned, so embracing change and keep your mind open in your early career."

Tania Watson: BSc Biomedical Sciences – Bank of England

"take full opportunity of careers event and the careers advice team at University"

Matthew CunninghamMatthew Cunningham - FocusEconomics

Warwick alumni, Matthew Cunningham currently works at FocusEconomics in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Here he shares his career journey from graduating from Warwick with a BSC in Economics.

Bethany Hill Bethany Hill: Biomedical Science - PWC

"although technical and business skills are really valuable, there are just as many soft skills needed in the workplace"

Jacky LeungJacky Leung: Economics - Goldman Sachs

Jacky Leung's credits experience and opportunities undertaken during his time at Warwick for helping land his first graduate role.

Oliver Reynolds Oliver Reynolds: Economics - FocusEconomics

After graduating from Warwick, in Economics, in 20016, Oliver Reynolds set about focusing on a career in his dream destination of Spain. Here, he shares his valuable insights on gaining a graduate role in the international market.

Cherilyn Mawby Cherilyn Mawby: International Business with French – Unlocked Graduates and PwC

"Say ‘yes’ to opportunities and don’t set your mind against something before you try it."

Aizaz Hussain Aizaz Hussain: International Business – EY-Parthenon

"Warwick had numerous networking events, CV building workshops and alums coming repeatedly for having chats with students across industries. Having access to that built my confidence and helped me understand very quickly what was required from a job application point of view."

Jue Boateng Jude Boateng: Philosophy – Watson Farley & Williams

"Gain work experience before making your application."

Cherilyn Mawby Amber Swatton: Physics – KPMG

"any experience is good experience"