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Jack Taylor

A picture I took of the Toronto skyline from the Toronto Islands, in my first week or two during my exchange year abroad from Warwick

What degree course did you study and when did you graduate?

History and Politics - graduated in 2018.

What is your current role?

Campaign Manager, UCA

Tell us about your career story since graduating from Warwick

My first job after graduation was in Toronto, Canada - and the reason I moved to Canada after graduation was due to the fact that during my time at Warwick, I took an exchange year abroad which sent me to the University of Toronto. Aside from the multitude of benefits of being able to study in Toronto, it was also there that I met my Canadian partner, who I therefore moved back to Canada to be with after graduating!

In Toronto I secured a Sales and Marketing role focused on content marketing - this is a job I learnt a huge amount in. I developed a wide range of skills and gained international work experience, which set me up for my career and has led to where I am today. Myself and my partner then both chose to move back to the UK in late 2019, where I secured a job as a Campaign Manager at UCAS.

How has your time at Warwick helped you during your career?

First and foremost, my time at Warwick helped me to take an international perspective which led to a really positive start to my career overseas in Canada. If it weren’t for the year studying in Toronto which the University of Warwick offered me, my career path would likely be very different to what it is today! Beyond this though, at Warwick I learnt a huge amount - not just in terms of the content of my degree programme, but different perspectives on the world, skills like how to build relationships and great presentation skills, an ability to analyse and present information in the best way possible, and far more. These skills left me well placed for my career and are put to good use daily in my work today!

What ambitions do you have for the future?

Continue to build my career, keep developing my skillset, see more of the world and connect with interesting people!

What advice do you have for Warwick graduates who would like to work in your sector?

In my opinion, sales and marketing are ultimately all about relationships and people - knowing how to build relationships, understanding someone’s motivations and objectives, and truly getting to know your target audience and what you have to offer them. My key piece of advice while at University would be to build these skills through connecting with people, attending talks and activities beyond those that are central to your degree, and going along to as many career events as you can (even if you’re not 100% sure on the career for you just yet). I’d always say to ask people for advice, as you’ll find the vast majority of people are willing and eager to help! And of course, if you get the opportunity I would strongly recommend taking a year abroad, as that international experience gives you a whole new perspective on your career and could have a hugely positive impact on your life more broadly.

What 3 top tips would you give to students looking to find a graduate role in the UK or elsewhere in the world?

  1. Build relationships and connect with people - when I was first looking for work in Toronto I went on LinkedIn and searched for those in the city who had previously studied at Warwick! I met up with numerous people for a coffee and a chat and got some brilliant advice which helped me in my job search, so it’s worth leveraging connections, of which attending Warwick is a key one!
  2. Explore different opportunities - while you may have an end goal in mind, there are a whole host of different routes you can take to get there, and you may find that a path you’ve never even thought of presents itself when you seek out the different opportunities available. One setback on your search for a graduate role could lead you to find an even better opportunity to pursue.
  3. Make the most of the range of career support facilities at Warwick itself - be it getting advice on your CV, tips on building a presence on LinkedIn, or support with exploring your options. There’s some really great advice and support available at the University.