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Mahima Baindur

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What degree course did you study and when did you graduate?

MSc Business with Marketing (2020).

What is your current role?

Manager, Brand and Marketing - OnCourse Vantage Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, India.

Tell us about your career story since graduating from Warwick

I graduated in August 2020. Prior to that, I’d landed a job in London which was due to start in September 2020. Due to the covid pandemic, unfortunately, the job didn't start and I came back to India.

Post that, in October 2020 I worked drawn towards the non profits sector and started working with The Alpha Urbane Project under the Outreach Team where we specifically worked with students from IB and A-levels kids for fundraising.

After a brief contract role of six months, I stumbled upon my first full-time offer with Leverage Edu. I started working in March 2021 and worked with them until Dec 2022. It was a nice journey - starting off with the mentoring team - Mentoring MBA/MSc students to apply to top B-schools in the US and UK. I got promoted and switched to the marketing team where I handled university marketing and partnerships. I worked with a number of universities - QMUL, Sydney, Suffolk etc.

In Jan 2023, I switched companies! I'm currently working with OnCourse Vantage Pvt Ltd - a creative education consultancy. I’m working in their marketing team as a Brand Manager.

Outside of work, I enjoy doing aerial yoga, travelling and reading! I think I’ve come a long way and I’m grateful for that.

How has your time at Warwick helped you during your career?

Although my time at Warwick has been short, I did learn quite a few things. If I'd to put them down, my top three learnings would be:

  1. I think the transition from University into mentoring and the higher education industry seemed seamless because of my background.
  2. Post uni and covid, I’ve learnt to value my network a lot more. I strongly go by the saying “Your network is your networth”
  3. My time at uni helped me open up a bit more and realised that its oaky to ask for help - be it an assignment or anything. They always said, “If you don't ask, your answer will always be a no!”

What ambitions do you have for the future?

As of now, I’m enjoying working in the education sector! In the future, I’d probably see myself starting freelancing and eventually opening a venture of my own. But these plans could very well change.

What advice do you have for Warwick graduates who would like to work in your sector?

I’d just like to say - be woke and open minded about things! Motivate yourself and keep learning.

What 3 top tips would you give to students looking to find a graduate role in the UK or elsewhere in the world?

    My two cents here are:

    1. Start applying immediately - don't wait until you graduate
    2. Meet new people, socialise - leverage your network