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Banking and investment covers two distinct areas. One is retail banking, which is the kind of banking most people know from their current accounts, credit cards or mortgage. The other is investment banking.

When searching for employers follow these two simple principles: (1) go beyond Google. (2) Consider smaller or medium size employers that are not top brand. You can start your search here:

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Retail Banks

Retail banks are concerned with product development, marketing, operation, and growing and maintaining a loyal customer base e.g. current accounts, saving accounts, mortgages, and credit cards.

Graduates working in retail banking roles deal with personal finances in a fast-paced environment that's all about excellent customer service. If you're a natural innovator and people person with managerial aspirations, you'll fit right in here.

Investment banks
Investment banks are institutions that help investors – large corporations, governments, trusts etc – make sound investments. Large investment banks do this in two main areas: financial markets, where trading of financial instruments like shares takes place, and a division called “Investment Banking” which advises clients on buying, financing, improving and selling businesses. There are also smaller firms that advise on or perform investment on behalf of clients.
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