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Creative Industries

Are you aiming for a job in the creative industries?

The creative sector covers a wide range of roles, including publishing, marketing, curating, arts administration and more. For some examples of creative jobs, see Prospects, Target Careers and Creative Careers.

Filter the items below using the tags to find external resource links relevant to you. Please note that although we make every effort to ensure these links are accurate, up to date and relevant, Student Opportunity cannot take responsibility for pages maintained by external providers or the information they provide. These websites are suggested resources for information and advice about the creative industries, and not necessarily recommendations. Some of these websites are members-only so may be behind a paywall. If in doubt, please exercise your discretion and consult with a member of the Careers team

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Royal Television Society (RTS) Bursary Scheme open for applications (until 24 June)

The 2024 RTS bursary scheme (up to £1,500 per academic year, mentoring and other benefits) is now open for applications from students from lower-income backgrounds until 24 June 2024.

Thu 22 Feb 2024, 11:54 | Tags: TV

How to get into TV

Royal Television Society information on how to get into TV: from getting your CV into shape, to working out how to pay the rent as a freelancer.

Spotlight Contacts

Spotlight Contacts is a directory of agents, casting directors, showreel services and more.

Wed 29 Nov 2023, 13:44 | Tags: Acting Job opportunities Auditions Theatre TV Film Freelancing


The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain (WGGB) (a trade union representing professional writers in TV, film, theatre, radio, books, comedy, poetry, animation and videogames) has a guide to self publishing.

The Unit List Padlet

TV & Film freelancer career resources.

Thu 12 Oct 2023, 11:55 | Tags: TV Film Freelancing

Screen Daily: UK In Focus - Behind the Scenes of the UK film & television industry

News, features about UK film and television industry.

Wed 11 Oct 2023, 10:01 | Tags: TV Film

Kays: Film, Television & Commercials Directory

Production resource for the UK & Ireland plus major production services workdwide.

Wed 11 Oct 2023, 09:57 | Tags: Radio Directing Music TV Film Production

Discover Creative Careers: find your perfect role in the creative industries

Interested in a career in the creative industries? Find out about the range of roles, the prospect of work and where to go for further information.

'Is TV for me?' podcast series

Is TV for me? Is a brand-new podcast from the co-founders of Factory Films, Lisa Fairbank and Julie Heathcote. With over 25 years of experience delivering award-winning factual tv shows for the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky, each episode sees Julie and Lisa interviewing a fellow professional about their career journey, what their specific job entails, their challenges and successes, as well as tips and advice for a successful career in factual tv.

Episode 2 features 'master caster' Faye Wheatley who has worked as casting producer on many hit TV shows from First Dates to Naked Attraction and Squid Games - the Challenge.

Wed 26 Jul 2023, 10:36 | Tags: Directing TV Production Freelancing

Meet the Professionals: Careers in Media and Journalism

Tues 7 Feb 2023, 5.30pm - 7pm

The event will begin promptly at 5.30pm

At this Meet the Professionals event, you will gain an understanding of the different roles and career paths open to you.

There will be a panel discussion followed by an opportunity for networking with the speakers in an online Q&A session.

The content of the talks will cover:

  • The speakers background – degree studied and further training completed
  • An overview of their current role, its challenges and the reason they enjoy it
  • Their career progression to date (including what sparked their initial interest in the field)
  • How they started out – where they gained experience and what they did at University
  • Their views on the skills and personal qualities required for success
  • Any hints and tips for students interested in developing a career in the area

Our panellist include:

  • Darcey Edkins - Journalist at Freeda UK
  • Ikaba Koyi - Reporter & Producer at BBC World (contractor)
  • Suzie Samant - Creative Consultant
  • Rachel Duffy - Social Media Editor at The Telegraph
  • Simon Thomas - Senior Motion Graphics

Sign up here:

Dragonfly Jobs

Sign up as a freelancer to a roster for projects

Tue 02 Nov 2021, 19:17 | Tags: Script writing Voiceover Animation Production Freelancing

Creative Industries Council

The Creative Industries Council (CIC) is a forum of government, creative businesses and other creative organisations.

Thu 28 Oct 2021, 15:47

Careers in games - ScreenSkills

Job profiles and information on the routes in to the games industry.

Thu 26 Aug 2021, 10:03 | Tags: Games industry

How to get a job in the games industry Academy guides to finding games industry jobs in all sectors, from game design to journalism to games PR and more

Thu 24 Jun 2021, 16:52 | Tags: Games industry Journalism

Working in film exhibition

Want to start or develop your film exhibition career? Read about the types of roles available across the sector in this guide from the Independent Cinema Office.

Tue 15 Jun 2021, 10:37 | Tags: Film


Production and media jobs board

Thu 22 Apr 2021, 15:35 | Tags: Job opportunities TV Film Production

How to create an effective CV for the acting industry

Careers blog post from Hannah Williams, UK Casting Specialist for Backstage

Tue 13 Apr 2021, 12:18 | Tags: Creative applications Acting


Career advice and self-development articles to help you find your feet in the creative world.

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:59

Grads in Games

Events, activities and resources for graduates looking to make the leap from student to professional developer

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:51 | Tags: Games industry

A guide to publishing

PDF from Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:50 | Tags: Publishing

The UK Actor’s Headshots Guide

Article from Backstage

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:48 | Tags: Creative applications Acting

Creative Portal

Online portfolios for performers, artists and designers

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:45 | Tags: Portfolios


Broadcast Engineer & Technician jobs

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:44 | Tags: Radio Job opportunities TV

The Talent Manager

Helping creative companies find, track and develop diverse talent

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:43 | Tags: Games industry Job opportunities Animation TV Film

Writing for Videogames

PDF a guide for games writers and those who work with them

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:27 | Tags: Games industry Writing

Silicon Spa

Coventry & Warwickshire has a globally significant gaming cluster which is one of the largest in the UK

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:23 | Tags: Games industry

Global Game Jam

The world's largest game creation event taking place around the globe

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:22 | Tags: Games industry

Resource for people who make and sell games

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:18 | Tags: Games industry

Journo Resources

A kit to starting out in the journalism industry

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:15 | Tags: Journalism

Break into Documentaries

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:14 | Tags: Journalism Directing TV

MA in Investigative Journalism

Developed in partnership with Channel 4’s News and Current Affairs Team

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:13 | Tags: Training Journalism

Writing Portfolio Guide

Writing portfolio six step guidance

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:11 | Tags: Portfolios Writing

Royal Court Theatre Playwriting

Writers groups, writing exercises, awards and fellowships

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:08 | Tags: Script writing Theatre

Playwright's Podcast

Playwright Simon Stephens talks to some of the world's leading playwrights about their lives, their work, and their relationships with the Royal Court

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:07 | Tags: Script writing Theatre

The Script Lab

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:05 | Tags: Script writing

An Introduction to Screenwriting

Free online course exploring the key concepts and fundamental principles involved in the process of screenwriting

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:03 | Tags: Script writing Training TV Film

BBC Writersroom

Developing and championing new and experienced writing talent across the UK

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:02 | Tags: Radio Script writing Training TV

Preparing for a Portfolio Career in Performing Arts

Report is based on research amongst successful performing and creative arts practitioners to learn what helped or hindered them in their portfolio career trajectories

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 12:00 | Tags: Acting Music Theatre

The Young Vic Directors Program

Professional development opportunities, events and support for directors

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:56 | Tags: Training Directing

Directors Guild of Great Britain

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:54 | Tags: Directing

Uni-versal Extras

Extras casting agency for UK and Ireland

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:53 | Tags: Acting TV Film

Mad Dog 2020 Casting

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:51 | Tags: Acting TV Film

How to Get Into Professional Acting in the UK

Video from Actors Anonymous UK

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:50 | Tags: Acting

National Theatre: Careers

Videos from employees at the National Theatre offering an insight into their careers

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:49 | Tags: Theatre

The Actors’ Guild of Great Britain

Membership organisation offering on-going professional development for actors in the UK

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:47 | Tags: Acting

the Actors Centre

Professional development organisation for actors

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:46 | Tags: Acting

Gravy For The Brain

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:45 | Tags: Training Voiceover

Federation of Drama Schools

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:43 | Tags: Training Acting Theatre


Pursuing inclusion, diversity, awareness and opportunity within the VFX, Animation & Games industries

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:39 | Tags: Games industry Training Animation TV Film

RTS bursaries

Technology Bursary and TV Production and Journalism Bursary

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:38 | Tags: Training Journalism Funding TV

The Floor Runners Bootcamp

Intensive training day run by industry professionals offering training in how to be a top Floor Runner in the film and television industry

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:36 | Tags: Training TV Film


Connecting film & TV industry professionals

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:35 | Tags: Job opportunities TV Film

TV Watercooler

Information for TV freelancers

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:34 | Tags: TV

Presenter Promotions

Presenter jobs, voice-over auditions and TV & radio broadcasting vacancies

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:32 | Tags: Radio Job opportunities Journalism Voiceover TV


Apprenticeships, training schemes, work experience opportunities, events and industry talent schemes from Channel 4

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:30 | Tags: Training Job opportunities Work experience TV

The Unit List

Jobs in broadcast TV

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:28 | Tags: Job opportunities TV


Guidance and advice for anyone wanting to start a career in TV or Film

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:28 | Tags: TV Film


Jobs platform for cast, crew and creative professionals

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:24 | Tags: Job opportunities Music Theatre TV Film


Database for international production companies, services and crew

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:22 | Tags: TV Film

ITV Jobs

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:19 | Tags: Job opportunities TV

Broadcast Now

Source for business information about the British TV Industry

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:18 | Tags: TV

Work Experience at the BBC

Get a foot in the door and experience what it's like to work for the BBC

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:16 | Tags: Radio Work experience TV Film


A hub for inspirational career advice from the very best in film, games and television

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:15 | Tags: Games industry Acting TV Film

MAMA Youth Project

The MAMA Youth Project recruits, trains and nurtures young people between 18-25 years of age from under-represented groups or with limited educational or employment opportunities to enter the TV and media industry.

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:14 | Tags: Training TV Film

Royal Television Society

Educational charity promoting the art and science of television

Wed 24 Mar 2021, 11:12 | Tags: TV

Careers in Music

Wed 17 Feb 2021, 11:17 | Tags: Music

How to Create an Acting CV in the UK

Even in the age of online casting platforms like Backstage, the acting CV is often your chance to make a great first impression to casting directors (CDs) and get into the audition room. From Backstage.

Tue 10 Nov 2020, 11:36 | Tags: Creative applications Acting

How to write an Actor’s CV

An actor’s CV is completely different to any other CV that you may use to get a ‘normal’ day to day job. From Actor Hub.

Tue 10 Nov 2020, 11:31 | Tags: Creative applications Acting

How to find a graduate job using twitter

Find out how you can use Twitter to network, gather information and ultimately get ahead in the graduate job hunt. From TARGETjobs.

Tue 10 Nov 2020, 11:29 | Tags: Creative applications

Edinburgh TV Festival Talent Schemes

Tue 10 Nov 2020, 11:28 | Tags: Training TV

Create a great video CV

A well-made video CV is an effective way to let your personality shine and impress recruiters. From Prospects.

Wed 14 Oct 2020, 17:01 | Tags: Creative applications

ScreenSkills training courses

Develop skills for working in screen industries

Wed 14 Oct 2020, 13:14 | Tags: Training TV Film

Warwick Creative Space

Warwick Creative Space

Online collaborative creative working space for Warwick students

Where to find vacancies

If you are looking for freelance work and opportunities there are a range of mailing lists, and job listing sites. Many of these combine industry news and information with job listings. Some of these are free, whilst others require a subscription.

Latest creative vacancies on myAdvantage