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Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction

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Engineering , manufacturing and construction offer a huge range of satisfying careers for graduates ranging from highly technical to commercial roles. Despite an increasing shift to moving manufacturing production overseas, demand for graduates continues to be strong, particularly for qualified engineers, with many employers unable to fill all their graduate vacancies (AGR 2010 Winter Review).

As well as large global employers there are opportunities in many smaller specialised engineering and manufacturing firms. Sectors include:

  • heavy manufacturing sectors such as aerospace and metals
  • infrastructure such as construction, utilities and transport
  • specialised sectors such as oil , marine and chemicals
  • high technology sectors including electronics and telecommunications
  • light manufacturing such as automotive parts
  • fast moving consumer goods manufacturing.
How do I write a CV?

This short course will take you through the basics of writing a CV.

Interview training

Learn how to pass interviews and assessment centers.

Employers for the sector
  • There are over 1000 engineering, technical, manufacturing and construction employers who have registered on myAdvantage
  • Look beyond large employers.
  • If you are looking for a job in a niche sector or want to use your specialist expertise you may need to target employers directly. You can research employers and sectors using the Library's LibGuide and Business Source Ultimate and list organisations in your sector by size using the Employer Directory feature on GoinGlobal
  • If you are interested in becoming a Chartered Engineer or gaining other professional qualifications do check out whether employer training schemes are accredited and the support employers can offer
Application hints/help
  • Large engineering and manufacturing employers tend to recruit via online application forms and use aptitude tests to shortlist
  • For larger employers you may need to attend a final assessment centre. Watch the Assessment Centre film to see what is involved.

As preparation for written applications and interview you will need to:

  • Consider the skills you possess from your degree, work and extra curricular experiences
  • Research employers thoroughly so you are quite clear about the organisation’s culture and competency requirements