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Financial Management and Accountancy

Accountancy is not a job, it is a type of qualification. With this qualification a whole world of finance is open to you: management, audit, tax, consulting, advisory, accounts and more. There is work for accountants in all sectors: private, public, and third (charity).

You do not need a degree in finance or business to be considered for accounting. Most employers recruit from all disciplines. Graduates entering the profession are expected to be not only ‘good with numbers’ but also be team workers, communicators and have management potential. There are different accountancy qualifications (ACCA, CIMA, CIPFA, ICAA, CA), and employers tend to fund their graduate recruits while they work and study towards these.

Accountancy in Public and Private Practice

Accountants in public practice offer financial and business advice to client organisations and ensure the organisation’s accounts offer a true and fair view on behalf of investors.

Some accountants are employed directly by organisations in industry, commerce, public and voluntary sectors to help them manage their financial affairs on a day to day basis.

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