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Transport and Logistics


In logistics, you will be looking at ways to improve getting whatever is most needed to the most effective place at the most effective time for the best value cost. Logistics experts are responsible for movement, handling and storage of products, and have a significant impact on an organisation’s profitability and effectiveness. The management of transport provides the means to make this happen by sea, air and on land, and for people as well as freight.

How do I write a CV?

This short course will take you through the basics of writing a CV.

Interview training

Learn how to pass interviews and assessment centers.

Cover letters

This short course will teach you how to write a covering letter.

Sector Skillset
  • Excellent logical thinkers
  • Able to communicate effectively with people at all levels
  • Able to understand and enact processes and procedures
  • Ready to take early responsibility and see an impact on the success of the organisation
  • Willing to accept early starts and shift work.
  • Rail, bus and haulage companies
  • ‘In house’ logistics departments – for example large supermarket chains
  • Logistics companies, who are subcontracted to provide long-term logistical support to other organisations, or who provide logistical support for a particular sector (for example newspaper delivery to newsagents)
  • Parcel delivery companies