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9. Confidentiality of Reports

Examiners' reports should remain confidential to the examiners, the examination advisor if one is appointed, the Chair of the appropriate Faculty Education Committee, the Doctoral College and the external adjudicator if one is appointed, until the reports have been formally approved by the Chair of the appropriate Faculty Education Committee. After that, the Doctoral College will release the joint examiners’ report to the student via their department. Independent reports will not normally be released. Should a student request copies of the independent reports, providing that the examiners have indicated their willingness for these to be shared, these will also be provided by the Doctoral College. Should a student request copies of their examiners' reports by submitting a Subject Access Request under the Data Protection Act, we would be legally obliged to release these. Further details of obligations under the Data Protection Act are available online:

Examiners’ reports may be released where deemed appropriate in the consideration of an appeal, complaint or investigation into suspected cheating, research misconduct or similar procedure.

Should the Chair of the Faculty Education Committee require further advice when considering examiners' reports for approval, they may consult with the Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies, who in exceptional cases may ask for the matter to be referred to an external adjudicator.

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