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1. Responsibilities of Supervisors

Supervisors should consult the University's Guidelines on the Supervision and Monitoring of Research Degree Students and any relevant departmental documentation concerning their responsibilities with respect to the examination of their students.

Section 4 of Part I sets out the University's expectations for the format of research theses and supervisors should provide guidance to students on any special presentational matters appropriate to the academic discipline. Supervisors are also referred to section 1 of Part I concerning the University's requirements in relation to the timing of submission of this thesis. The procedure to be followed when a student wishes to restrict access to the final thesis will be found in section 6 of Part I.

Examiners are nominated by the Department and appointed by the Doctoral College. Candidates will normally be sent a form for the nomination of examiners before their period of full registration ends. After completing Part A of the form, the student should pass it to their supervisor(s) for the nomination of
examiners. It is normal practice for the supervisor(s) to identify possible examiners in line with the guidance set out in section 2 below and to contact the examiners to check their willingness to act and their previous experience of examining. However, departments may have additional procedures for the
identification and recording of research degree examiners and supervisors should check with appropriate staff in the department. Examiners should normally be nominated at least one month before the expected submission date and preferably earlier. Final responsibility for the nomination of examiners to
the Doctoral College lies with the department. All nomination forms must be signed by the Chair or a nominated Deputy such as the Director of Graduate Studies and forwarded to the Doctoral College for approval by the Chair or Deputy Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies. The Doctoral College will send
the thesis together with the relevant report forms to the examiners.

Ideally, supervisors should be present in the Department before and after one of their students undergoes a viva voce examination to provide friendly support to the candidate. However, it is recognised that this may not always be possible. A supervisor will not usually be present at the examination itself unless the examiners have specially requested that s/he attends (see Regulation 38.6 (7)).

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