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7. Resubmission


Where the examiners recommend that the thesis be resubmitted, supervisor(s) are expected to provide detailed guidance to the candidate on the work to be done in light of the notes for guidance prepared by the examiners. Where necessary the supervisor(s) and the candidate may wish to discuss the changes required with the internal examiner but the latter must normally avoid taking on a substantial supervisory role in relation to the candidate during the resubmission period.


Departments are responsible under the Guidelines on Supervision and Monitoring of Research Degree Students for ensuring that students whose theses are referred for resubmission are provided with appropriate advice by the supervisor and internal examiner, or examination advisor where two external examiners are appointed. A student who is required to resubmit is entitled to receive a level of supervision equivalent to a student at the writing up phase. Supervisors should normally read through the revisions prior to resubmission, noting that it remains the student's decision when to submit the thesis within the time allowed by the examiners.

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