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1. Timing of Submission

1.1 When to Submit
1.2 Early Submission
1.3 Late Submission
1.4 Leave to Submit

1.1 When to Submit

You must submit your thesis during your period of fee-paying registration or during a period of extension authorised by the Doctoral College. If you submit after the period of authorised extension expires, the University may refuse to examine your thesis. The timing of submission should be carefully discussed with your supervisor(s) but it is ultimately your decision.

You are required to submit an electronic copy of your thesis to the Doctoral College for examination.

After the examination process, you are required to submit one final hard bound copy of the final version of your thesis which will be placed in the University Library. You will also be asked to submit an electronic copy of your thesis as a single file in pdf format, with the exception of
Master’s degree by Research. This will be stored in the institutional repository (see section 5.2).

1.2 Early Submission

The University’s regulations permit candidates to submit their theses more than a month before the end of their fee-paying registration. If you believe you are ready to submit earlier than one month before the end of your fee-paying registration you should consult your supervisor(s). If, having done this, you wish
to go ahead with the early submission; you and your supervisor(s) should complete the Early Submission Form for a Research Thesis (Form 1.). This form requires authorisation by your departmental Director of Graduate Studies, who should scrutinise your request and confirm that approval for early submission has been granted. Once approved the form should be sent to the Doctoral College, where it will be held on file. This form will not be sent to the examiners of your thesis. You should be aware that early submission will not normally entitle you to any reduction or rebate in the fees normally payable for your degree. In contrast, you will normally be expected to pay any remaining fees to the University. Please see guidance below for further information.

In addition, if you wish to submit earlier than the times specified below, you will also need to attach a statement to the Early Submission Form for a Research Thesis explaining the reasons for your request:

PhD, EdD or MD (full or part-time) 5 months
MPhil (full or part-time) 4 months
Master’s degree by Research (full or part-time) 2 months

There is no formal provision for EngD students.

Maintenance Awards

Students are only entitled to receive their maintenance awards up to and including the month of their 1st thesis submission. Once this has been processed through the system the students accounts will be reviewed and adjustments made if required. Students are entitled to keep any payments relating to the month of their submission, regardless of which date within the month the submission date is. In the case of any overpayments, students will be notified of the value of the refund due and the charge will be transferred to their student account for payment.


For self-funded students fees will be capped at 36 months full time equivalent, but will not be reduced below this.

For students whose fees are covered by an external sponsor, funder or university scholarship fees will be reduced pro-rata to the month of submission, capped at a minimum of 36 months full time equivalent.

1.3 Late Submission

Any thesis not submitted to the Doctoral College by the expected end date will be considered a late submission. Should you believe that you will submit late then you should discuss with your supervisor whether you need an extension to your registration, noting that extensions are only granted in extenuating circumstances Failure to submit your thesis on time may result in you being permanently withdrawn from the University.
Further guidance on extensions for students enrolled on or after 1 August 2011.

1.4 Leave to Submit

It may be possible to submit your completed thesis for examination at a later date by requesting leave to submit. The request for your thesis to be examined must be submitted with your completed thesis. Requests, supported by your academic department, will be considered by the Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies.

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