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Delete a page or collection

It is not possible to delete your Dashboard or Profile pages but all other pages can be deleted, as can collections.

If a page is deleted, it is removed from all collections it is contained in.

If a collection is deleted, the pages it contains are not deleted and will remain available in any other collections they below to, or as individual pages if they are not part of a collection.

Delete a page

Open the page that you want to delete from the Pages and Collections location or from within the specific collection.

Menu - pages and collections

You can see both collections (1) and pages (2) in the image below. You can easily identify a collection as it shows the number of pages contained within it. Click on the title to open the item - for a page, open the page itself, or click on the collection that contains it.

Pages and collections

Click on the icon to open the page menu and select 'Delete this page'

Delete page

A warning message will open

  1. Please note the very important detail "It cannot be undone". Once a page is deleted, you cannot recover it.
  2. If the page is part of a collection, there will be an information message here. Deleting a page does not delete the collection.
  3. If the page still has information that you might find useful in the future, you can export it to a zip or leap2a file.
  4. Click Yes to permanently delete the page, or no to return to the previous page.

Delete page confirm

Delete a collection

You do not need to open the collection in order to delete it. Click on the menu and select Delete.

Delete collection

A confirmation message opens. This notes that 'pages in this collection will not be deleted'. To delete individual pages, see above. Confirm yes to remove the collection or no to return to the previous screen.

Delete collection confirm

The information on this page relates to Mahara 18.10 and was last updated December 2018.


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