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Introduction to Mahara

MyPortfolio is an online electronic portfolio web application based on the popular open source product Mahara. You can start from a blank canvas or use the planning, journal and CV tool combined with personal and external content to build pages and collections of pages that can be shared with an audience of your choosing.

  • Use the File repository to organise and store your content
  • Use the Journal to record and reflect
  • Use the Planning tool to schedule and keep track of projects
  • Build and share pages & collections of pages
  • Incorporate your own content as well as making use of external content (Video, RSS & other media)
  • Build an online poster or response to an assignment task
  • Submit content for assessment & receive feedback

Mahara has an excellent online user manual that is split out into versions - we are currently using version 19.04.

'Why a portfolio?' video from Mahara


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