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Manage Files in Mahara

Mahara has a 'file bank' which allows you to pre-upload files, such as documents and images, to use on your pages.

1. To access this file bank, click on the icon with the three green lines, top right, select 'Create' and then 'Files'.

Access File bank

2. Notice you can upload files by dragging and dropping into the box, or you can use the file picker by clicking 'Choose File'. It is important to note that you can, and should, create folders to keep your files well organised and be able to find things when adding them to pages.

Create folder

3. Once you have uploaded a file, you will see the options to 1) Edit and 2) Delete it

Edit and delete

4. The edit button will allow you to re-name the file, give it a description, tag it or allow comments on the file from other users. When done making changes, click 'Save changes'.

 Edit a file

5. When you add an asset to your Mahara page, such as File to download, or PDF etc, you will be able to link to the pre-uploaded files in the configuration menu.

Config menu

The information on this page relates to Mahara 18.10 and was last updated December 2018.


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