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Cyclists' Touring Club lantern slides

The CTC have given these lantern slide boxes a reference by alphabetical letter, A-Q (not all present). The slides are of views in the British Isles and on the continent, some of which are identified as having belonged to Mr Reavil(l), Mr Whall and Mr W. M. Robinson. A note on one of the cartons in which the boxes were found, asks whether boxes A and J could have been Neville Whall's lecture slides, and another in Box B implies that Box O also contained Whall's slides.

Following the deposit of material in February 2006 a few photographs taken from the lantern slides were found and have been added to the relevant box entries. Also, a typescript catalogue held at the CTC headquarters which identifies many of the lantern slides has been transferred to this list, even when, as in the case of Boxes G and N, the original slides have not been deposited.

CTC editor's catalogue entry: Introduction: The lantern slides have been listed under areas for each individual box as they were received from various sources. Some boxes contain only negatives of tours:

Slide titles are taken from CTC editors' notes, corrected to match the physical state of slides, or from the slide labels themselves.

Box A: British tours

Box B: British Isles and Switzerland

Box C: Churches and other views

Box D: 'The open road'