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War and struggle in Germany

This sequence of slides looks at revolutionary German history from 1914-1934, focusing particularly on the period between 1918-1924. It contains images of key individuals (including Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg) and events (including opposition to the First World War, the Spartakusbund (Spartacus League) rising, and the Red Army in Germany during the early 1920s). It concludes with images of Nazis and Nazism. Henry Sara's archive collection includes some of the photographs used to produce these slides [document reference: MSS.15B/6/4], possibly purchased during his visit to Germany in 1924.

Captions have been produced using Henry Sara's notes for this talk and captions on the reverse of the photographs.

Reproduction for any purpose (publication, exhibition, web display, commercial use, etc.) is only permissible with the consent of the Modern Records Centre. Please contact us for more information.

[Document reference for this set of slides: MSS.15B/5/1/15]