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This series of slides on the 'imperialism' of Europe and the United States of America during the early 20th century was put together by Henry Sara using images from newspapers, magazines and other publications. Subjects covered include: the First World War aims of the Allies (including the Allied refusal to bomb the key iron producing area of Briey, France, whilst it was under German control); the Spanish and French military in Morocco; French involvement in Syria; US interests in South America, including in Nicaragua and Mexico; British occupation in the Middle East, including in Iraq and Palestine; protests against the visit of Lord Balfour to the Middle East in 1925; Afghanistan; British involvement in India; views of Takordai (now in Ghana), Sierra Leone, Victoria Falls and Kenya; and images of supporters of the British Empire, including Lord Meath, Sir Austin Chamberlain and Major General Frank Sutton. Captions for these slides are availableLink opens in a new window , some of the language used reflects the opinions of the time (please contact us if you are unable to access the information in pdf format).

The Burnley Express of 5 December 1928 includes a reference to Sara's recent delivery of a lecture on 'Modern Imperialism', under the auspices of the Labour Party, at Sabden Council School.

Reproduction for any purpose (publication, exhibition, web display, commercial use, etc.) is only permissible with the consent of the Modern Records Centre. Please contact usLink opens in a new window for more information.

[Document reference for this set of slides: MSS.15B/5/1/7]