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These slides show photographs and other images relating to the history of Ireland. The sequence focuses particularly on events between the Easter Rising of 1916 and independence in 1922, and was put together by Henry Sara using images from newspapers, magazines and other publications.

Unfortunately Sara's notes for this talk haven't survived, but we have been able to put together captions using information taken from some of his source material, including 'The rebellion in Dublin, April, 1916' (Eason & Son, Ltd., Dublin and Belfast), 'The "Sinn Fein" revolt illustrated' (Hely's Limited, Dublin), 'Pictures of Dublin after the fighting, June-July 1922' (Eason & Son Ltd., Dublin), and 'Old Ireland in pictures: 1916-1922: Two Dublin "Risings" and their consquences' (Wilson Hartnell & Co., Dublin). These four publications have been digitised as part of our online resource From Easter Rising to Civil War: Ireland, 1916-1922.

Reproduction for any purpose (publication, exhibition, web display, commercial use, etc.) is only permissible with the consent of the Modern Records Centre. Please contact us for more information.

[Document reference for this set of slides: MSS.15B/5/1/8]