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'The British Worker' and 'The Scottish Worker', 1926

Britain's only General Strike took place between 4-12 May 1926. As printing workers were on strike, normal editions of local and national newspapers were unable to be produced for much of the dispute (though some organisations did produce smaller 'emergency' bulletins). On the second day of the strike, 5 May 1926, the government began to publish its own newspaper 'British Gazette'. In response, the Trades Union Congress produced 'The British Worker', presenting the unions' view of the dispute. The Scottish Trades Union Congress published its own national version between 10-15 May. Other General Strike newspapers, including Newcastle and Coventry editions of 'The British Worker', are available through our digitised collection on Reporting the General Strike: Contemporary accounts of "The Nine Day Wonder"Link opens in a new window. Nine editions of 'The British Worker' were also produced between April - June 1927, as part of the TUC's campaign against the Trade Disputes and Trade Union Bill.

Available through Warwick Digital Collections (free):

'The British Worker', nos.1-11, 5-17 May 1926Link opens in a new window

'The Scottish Worker', nos.1-6, 10-15 May 1926Link opens in a new window

Front page of the first edition of The British Worker