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'New Dawn'

The National Union of Distributive and Allied Workers (NUDAW) was formed in 1921 by the merger of the National Union of Warehouse and General Workers and the Amalgamated Union of Co-operative Employees. NUDAW ceased to exist in 1947, when it merged with the National Amalgamated Union of Shop Assistants to form the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (USDAW).

The union's journal 'New Dawn' was named, loosely, after the initials of the union ('NUDAW N') and was published fortnightly. 'New Dawn' included branch and district news, illustrated profiles of union officials and prominent members, articles about general political, social, economic and international issues, information about negotiations over pay and conditions, reports on local strikes, cartoons, poems, guest articles from prominent members of the labour movement, information about the co-operative movement, and articles on literature, the arts and travel.

The following editions of 'New Dawn' are available through the Modern Records Centre's catalogue (free).

Vol.1, nos.1, 3-11, 13-17, 19-22, 24, Jan - Dec 1921Link opens in a new window

Vol.2, nos.1-26, Jan - Dec 1922Link opens in a new window

Vol.4, nos.1-26, Jan - Dec 1924Link opens in a new window

Vol.5. nos.1-26, Jan - Dec 1925Link opens in a new window

Vol.6, nos.1-26, Jan - Dec 1926Link opens in a new window

Vol.7, nos.1-26, Jan - Dec 1927Link opens in a new window

Vol.8, nos.1-2, 4-26, Jan - Dec 1928Link opens in a new window

Vol.9, nos.1-26, Jan - Dec 1929Link opens in a new window

Vol.10, nos.1-26, Jan - Dec 1930Link opens in a new window

Editorial page from the first edition of The New Dawn, including a header with an illustration of a rural scene with a rising sun