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'Railway Herald', 1896-1901

The 'Railway Herald' was a weekly journal published between 1887-1903. It reported on the activities of the General Railway Workers' Union, the Railway Clerks' Association and the United Pointsmen and Signalmen's Society (and criticised the rival Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants). The newspaper included branch and district news for unions and welfare societies; general reports on the railway industry, including technical developments and descriptions of working conditions; information about railway-related accidents (fatal and non-fatal) and criminal offences; 'The women's corner' (including recipes and household tips); correspondence and advertisements (including for clothing and patent medicines).

The Modern Records Centre has four volumes of the journal dating between 1896-1899 and loose editions from 1901. All have been digitised and are available through our online catalogue:

'Railway Herald', vol.XVII-XVIII, nos.435-486, Jan-Dec 1896Link opens in a new window

'Railway Herald', vol.XVIII-XX, nos.487-538, Jan-Dec 1897Link opens in a new window

'Railway Herald', vol.XX-XXII, nos.539-591, Jan-Dec 1898Link opens in a new window

'Railway Herald', vol.XXII-XXIII, nos.592-643, Jan-Dec 1899Link opens in a new window

'Railway Herald', vol.XXV-XXVI, nos.696-747, Jan-Dec 1901Link opens in a new window

Front page of Railway Herald, 1 Jan 1898