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Transport & General Workers Union: 'The Record', 1921-1931

The Transport and General Workers' Union (TGWU) formally came into existence on 1 January 1922 and was formed by the amalgamation of fourteen unions: the Amalgamated Society of Watermen, Lightermen and Bargemen; the Amalgamated Carters, Lurrymen and Motormen's Union; the Amalgamated Association of Carters and Motormen; the Associated Horsemen's Union; the Dock, Wharf, Riverside and General Workers' Union of Great Britain and Ireland; the Labour Protection League; the National Amalgamated Labourers' Union of Great Britain and Ireland; the National Union of Docks, Wharves and Shipping Staffs; the National Association of Ships' Clerks, Grain Weighers and Coalmeters; the National Union of Vehicle Workers; the National Amalgamated Coal Workers' Union of Inland and Seaborne Coal Workers; the North of England Trimmers and Teemers' Association; the North of Scotland Horse and Motormen's Association; and the United Vehicle Workers.

The TGWU's journal 'The Record' was launched in August 1921 and so pre-dates the formal creation of the union. The digitised editions include news items and articles on trade unionism, politics, social policy and the international situation; sections dedicated to the work of the union and conditions in the different industries covered by the TGWU (docks, road transport, inland waterways, etc.); 'Our women's page'; 'Our convalescent home'; cartoons; and profiles and obituaries of prominent officials and members. Earlier editions also include sections on 'Labour in Parliament' and 'Law for the workman'. Later editions include 'Our smiles column' and 'Gramophone notes'.

The Transport and General Workers' Union archive at the Modern Records Centre includes editions of 'The Record' from 1921-2008. The first 10 volumes have been digitised and are available to read through our catalogue:

Vol.1, nos.1-12, Aug 1921-Jul 1922Link opens in a new window

Vol.2, nos.13-24, Aug 1922-Jul 1923Link opens in a new window

Vol.3, nos.25-36, Aug 1923-Jul 1924Link opens in a new window

Vol.4, nos.37-48, Aug 1924-Jul 1925Link opens in a new window

Vol.5, nos.49-58, Aug 1925-Jul 1926Link opens in a new window

Vol.6, nos.59-70, Aug 1926-Jul 1927Link opens in a new window

Vol.7, nos.71-82, Aug 1927-Jul 1928Link opens in a new window

Vol.8, nos.83-94, Aug 1928-Jul 1929Link opens in a new window

Vol.9, nos.95-106, Aug 1929-Jul 1930Link opens in a new window

Vol.10, nos.107-118, Aug 1930-Jul 1931Link opens in a new window

Front page of The Record, Jan 1923