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Revolutionary Germany, 1918-1924

These photographs of Germany during the tumultuous years immediately after the First World War are from the archives of the British Trotskyists Henry Sara and Frank Maitland [document reference: MSS.15B/6/4].

They include a portrait of Karl Liebknecht and photographs of a Spartakusbund [Spartacus League] demonstration outside the Berlin army museum, 8 December 1918; the "Surrender of the barracks of the "Life Guard Ulans" to the Workers and Soldiers Council", undated; the "Barracks of the "Life Guard pioneers" in Berlin after the attack of revolutionary forces", 7 January 1919; damage to the Berlin office of the Social Democratic Party newspaper Vorwärts, 1919; the Red Army in Rhineland and Westphalia after the Kapp putsch, c1920; anti-fascist demonstrations in Berlin and Dresden, August and September 1923; a corpse in coffin with visible injuries to face, September 1923; "Hitlertruppen" [Hitler troops] in Bavaria, September 1923; two men being searched at army checkpoint, and a barricade across a road in Hamburg during October 1923; a wounded man being carried away after police had "intervened" with a demonstration of unemployed workers at Alexanderplatz in Berlin, October 1923; the army in Dresden, October 1923; a march (of workers?) - "Sachsische Hundertschaften", 1923; "Der "Deutsche Tag" in Halle": men (Communists?) looking over fence into courtyard, and General Ludendorff inspecting troops, 1924.