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Any independent trade union with members working in the transport sector can join the ITF. Affiliated unions are represented at ITF Congresses, sectional conferences and committees, where members are involved in decisions that direct future section activities and shape ITF policy. The archive collection includes reports and papers relating to these meetings and those of the elected Executive Board and General Council, dating, with some gaps, from 1897 onwards.

The archive also holds papers relating to the Federation’s involvement with a number of international policy-making bodies and international federations including the ILO, IMO, ICAO, various European Union bodies, the WFTU and ICFTU.

Photograph of delegates at the 1st International Tramwaymen’s Congress in Brussels, 1925

The photograph features ITF General Secretary Edo Fimmen on the front row, seventh from tarchives_online/exhibitionshe right.

File reference MSS.159/12/9.

Typed report of the ITF Fishermen’s Section Conference in Hull, 1967

The report gives an insight into working conditions and the changing state of the fishing industry at the time, along with foreign delegates’ impressions of British fishing practices.

File reference MSS.648/FS/1/1/1.

Poster for the ITF Railwaymen’s Section Conference in Budapest, 1995

File reference MSS.648/IT/1/2/1/5a.