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Nazi Germany in 1936: Press Photographs

These images are German press photographs from 1936. They show Berlin decorated for the Olympic games and a Nazi parade through the streets of Nuremburg. The photos are included in the archives of Lady Allen of Hurtwood (MSS.121/GEN/12/1), and may relate to her husband's support for the British Government's policy of appeasement.

Clifford Allen was 3 times imprisoned as a conscientious objector during the period 1916-1917 - resulting in permanent damage to his health. He served as treasurer and chairman of the Independent Labour Party (ILP), and was director of the 'Daily Herald' between 1925-1930. His involvement with the Labour movement was brought to an end by his support for the National Government of Ramsay MacDonald in 1931. Clifford Allen accepted a peerage in 1932 to become Baron Allen of Hurtwood. Despite condemning Nazi brutality and anti-semitism, Lord Allen's strong pacifist beliefs led him to champion appeasement with Germany during the 1930s.