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Women's cycling magazines, 1896-7

WheelwomanA small number of our cycling journals have been digitised in full and can be read through our online catalogue. These magazines were produced in 1896-1897, a time when cycling had become a fashionable pastime for women, and targeted an audience who could afford (or aspire) to buy new bicycles, special cycling costumes and learn in riding schools.

Cycling World Illustrated, 1896

A heavily illustrated magazine which includes interviews with and profiles of professional cyclists and prominent people (in society, politics or entertainment) who had cycling connections, a regular fashion column, descriptions of tours, profiles of cycling clubs and other information which may interest the fashionable cyclist. Includes a lot of content about women and cycling, with many of the covers featuring 'Distinguished [i.e. fashionable] lady cyclists'.

The Lady Cyclist, 1896-1897

Weekly magazine aimed at women cyclists (we have an incomplete set). Includes articles on prominent cyclists, fashion tips, advice, stories and adverts.

The Wheelwoman, 1897

Successor to the Lady Cyclist.