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United We Stand: Photographs of the Workers' Union, 1911-1921

The photographs reproduced on this page were published in the annual reports of the Workers' UnionLink opens in a new window between 1911-1921. Most union reports of this date, if illustrated at all, tended to contain formal group shots or portraits of officials. The Workers' Union reports are unusual (and richer sources) as they also feature images of the union's activities, including demonstrations, strikes and social events - even a meeting in Hollywood with Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks.

The date in brackets at the front of the caption - e.g. [1911] - indicates the annual report that the images have been reproduced from. This doesn't always mean that the photographs date from that year, an annual report for 1911 would be published in 1912 (and so on), and so may also include images from the year of publication or of events from a previous year.