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Exhibitions & events

Photograph of the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Current exhibition:

Front-line City: The Cold War and Berlin

From 6 November 2019

On 9 November 1989, the Berlin Wall - a physical symbol of Cold War division - came down. In rapid succession, Communist governments across Europe fell, as popular protests spread across the continent.

Our current exhibition looks at Berlin during the Cold War - from the post-Second World War division to the events of 1989 - and European fears of nuclear war. The display draws on a range of collections at the Modern Records Centre, including documents from the archives of the Trades Union Congress, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Richard Crossman and Amnesty International.

Our exhibition space is open to all visitors.

Past exhibitions:

Missed our past exhibitions? Online versions of some are available through our website.

Past events:

Crafting Resistance: The art of Chilean political prisoners

An exhibition co-curated by Jasmine Gideon, Birkbeck, University of London, and Gloria Miqueles, Chilean ex-political prisoner, held at the MRC between 30 October - 17 November 2017.

Open Education Series

The Open Education Series was a monthly series of events organized by students at the University of Warwick on topics that have been mostly excluded or challenge the Eurocentric academic curriculum. The series utilised the resources of the MRC, a unique archive housing primary sources on modern British social, political and economic history and allowed for attendees to engage with original source material.

Archives Alive

A project that involved working with local schools to develop pupils' research skills and encourage them to engage with primary sources.