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Publications which cite archives held at the MRC - 2019


Paul Almond, University of Reading, and Mike Esbester, University of Portsmouth:

  • Health and Safety in Contemporary Britain: Society, Legitimacy, and Change since 1960 (Palgrave Macmillan)

Rabia Arif and Elisabetta Mori, Middlesex University, and Giuseppe Primiero, University of Milan:

  • Validity and Correctness Before the OS: the Case of LEO I and LEO II, chapter in Reflections on Programming Systems: Historical and Philosophical Aspects, eds. Liesbeth De Mol and Giuseppe Primiero (Springer)

Paula Bartley:

  • Labour Women in Power: Cabinet Ministers in the Twentieth Century (Palgrave Macmillan)

Wolfgang Bialas:

  • Aurel Kolnai's The War AGAINST the West Reconsidered (Routledge)

Richard J. Evans, Cambridge University:

  • Eric Hobsbawm: A Life in History (Little, Brown)

David Featherstone, University of Glasgow:

  • Reading Subaltern Studies Politically: Histories from Below, Spatial Relations, and Subalternity, chapter in Subaltern Geographies, eds. Tariq Jazeel and Stephen Legg (University of Georgia Press)

Chris Hanvey:

  • Shaping Children's Services (Routledge)

Anne J. Kershen, Queen Mary, University of London:

  • Pragmatism or politics: Leeds Jewish tailors and Leeds Jewish tailoring trade unions, 1876–1915, chapter in Leeds and its Jewish Community, ed. Derek Fraser.

Jon Lawrence, University of Exeter:

  • Me, Me, Me?: Individualism and the Search for Community in Post-War England (Oxford University Press)

Keith Laybourn, University of Huddersfield:

  • Going to the dogs: A history of greyhound racing in Britain, 1926–2017 (Manchester University Press)

Jonathan Moss, University of Sussex:

  • Women, workplace protest and political identity in England, 1968-85 (Manchester University Press)

Nancy Rosoff, Arcadia University, and Stephanie Spencer, University of Winchester:

  • Sociability, chapter in British and American School Stories, 1910–1960 (Palgrave Macmillan)

Jack Saunders, University of Warwick:

  • Assembling cultures: Workplace activism, labour militancy and cultural change in Britain’s car factories, 1945–82 (Manchester University Press)

Paul Spence, King’s College London:

  • Digitally Mediated Memory and the Spanish Civil War, chapter in Public Humanities and the Spanish Civil War: Connected and Contested Histories, eds. Alison Ribeiro de Menezes, Antonio Cazorla-Sanchez and Adrian Shubert (Palgrave Macmillan)

David Thackeray, University of Exeter:

  • Forging a British World of Trade: Culture, Ethnicity, and Market in the Empire-Commonwealth, 1880-1975 (OUP Oxford)


Jörg Arnold, University of Nottingham:

  • ‘That rather sinful city of London’: the coal miner, the city and the country in the British cultural imagination, c. 1969–2014 (Urban History)

David Collins and Nick Butler:

  • Success and Failure in Professional Projects: The Nature, Contours and Limits of Consulting Professionalism (British Journal of Management)

Jack Copley, University of Warwick:

  • Why were capital controls abandoned? The case of Britain’s abolition of exchange controls, 1977–1979 (The British Journal of Politics and International Relations)

Maria-Daniella Dick, Kirsty Lusk and Willy Maley, University of Glasgow:

  • “The Agitator’s Wife” (1894): the story behind James Connolly’s lost play? (Irish Studies Review, vol.29, issue 1)

Christos Efstathiou, University of Warwick:

  • ‘The Great Debate’: Welfarism, Objectivity, and Cold War Ideology in the Workers’ Educational Association (Labour History Review, vol.84, issue 1)

Roger Fagge, University of Warwick:

  • Eric Hobsbawm and the Significance of Jazz (Cultural and Social History)

Sophie Greenway, University of Warwick:

  • Producer or Consumer? The House, the Garden and the Sourcing of Vegetables in Britain, 1930–1970 (Cultural and Social History)

Noemi de Haro García, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid:

  • “Escribimos libertad con mano encadenada”. Notas sobre una pintura realizada por Agustín Ibarrola en la cárcel de Burgos (Archivo Español de Arte, vol.92, no.365)

Claire Hilton:

  • A Tale of Two Inquiries: Sans Everything and Ely (The Political Quarterly)

Rami Kaplan, Open University of Israel, and Daniel Kinderman, University of Delaware:

  • The business-class case for corporate social responsibility: mobilization, diffusion, and institutionally transformative strategy in Venezuela and Britain (Theory and Society, vol.48, issue 1)

Gordon Lynch, University of Kent:

  • Pathways to the 1946 Curtis Report and the post-war reconstruction of children’s out-of-home care (Contemporary British History)

Sian Rhiannon Williams:

  • The 'troublous question of the married women teachers': The Aberdare dismissals of 1908 (Cylchgrawn Addysg Cymru / Wales Journal of Education, vol.21, no.1)

John E. Richardson, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia:

  • British fascism, fascist culture, British culture (Patterns of Prejudice)

James F. Stark and Catherine Stones, University of Leeds:

  • Constructing representations of germs in the twentieth century (Cultural and Social History)

Michael Weatherburn, Imperial College, London:

  • Human Relations’ invented traditions: Sociotechnical research and worker motivation at the interwar Rowntree Cocoa Works (Human Relations)